Full CODED Kit & TomTom Resources - No Ongoing Costs

Price: £ 2500
Excluding taxes

Quantity :

CODED Frame including probes and USB interface - all equipment needed for downloading eMMC chips without chip-off.

Perpetual subscription to our website for the latest TomTom examination information - no annual licence. All TomTom probe points and dismantling videos available forever.

Also includes an update to a perpetual licence for one of your TomTology2 dongles so no ongoing renewal costs. If you have more than one you would like upgraded you can do this for an additional £250 per licence. If you do not have a TomTology2 licence then you can buy a new perpetual one for £600 if purchased with CODED. Contact us for more information.


Kit Contents


6 x Adjustable arms and spring tip probes

USB MMC Reader

Adapters and cables to connect MMC Reader to probes


iSesamo dismantling tool

Peli Case