Paul Weall

Paul Weall Paul Weall

Paul is one of the directors of Forensic Navigation and was one of the first UK digital investigators to examine satellite navigation devices, starting in 2005. This resulted in the products TomTology, and TomTology2 to aid the examination of many types of commercial sat. nav. devices.

As in other aspects of digital investigation, the examination process is about more than just having a high quality software tool. The interpretation and presentation of the evidence is vital to the investigation. Paul has carried out many examinations of a wide range of satellite navigation devices of many types - automotive, aviation, marine and handheld.

Cases include traffic, drugs, child protection, arson, organised crime and murder.
He is a science graduate, who worked in industrial research and development for over twenty years. He then began his career in digital forensics, spending 10 years with West Midlands Police before working for over a year as a consultant to the Bermuda Police Service.

Many of his sat. nav. cases involved other police forces and law enforcement both as joint operations and providing specialist skills for existing investigations.

He has presented at five national conferences on the subject of sat. nav. forensics from 2006 to 2010, and  received eight commendations.

Paul is skilled in presenting complex data in an easy to understand way to detectives, lawyers and the courts. He has regularly given evidence in Magistrates Courts, many UK Crown Courts and the Bermuda Supreme Court.

Forensic Navigation is now pleased to offer Paul’s skills for independent digital forensics examinations, with a specialism in satellite navigation cases. If you need the help of the UK's leading expert in sat. nav. Forensics, or other digital forensic cases, please send a message through the 'Contact Us' form and we will straight back to you.